about us

VERK arkitektur is a Norwegian-British architecture, art and design studio with a research-led and hands-on working method. We collaborate with a range of clients, artists and institutions to deliver high quality small buildings, thoughtful refurbishments, beautiful interiors, experimental installations, engaging workshops, insightful research papers and bespoke furniture.

We believe that our surroundings deeply influence us and that architecture, art and design can greatly enrich the quality of people’s lives. We aim to create functional, modest and beautifully-crafted buildings and objects which influence people’s emotions, senses and minds, and create meaningful moments in there daily lives. All projects aspire to be distinct in identity and rich in character with a strong relationship to their surroundings. In this way we hope to create works of lasting value which will evolve together with people and place, enriched by the poetry of how forms, meanings and materials change through time, use and the seasons. 

We are inspired by observations from our daily lives and the ordinary. As well as architectural situations we encounter in the worlds of art, theatre, film and literature. Through studies of landscapes, climates, cultures and buildings, we endeavour to understand why things are the way they are and how they have changed throughout history. We are particularly interested in the relationships between tradition and modern use of material, the vernacular and modern architecture, local craft and contemporary architectural practice. We strive/seek/aim to creatively engage with these relationships to create architecture that is innovative in its social, cultural and political context.

We view design as a tool for making specific places (nabeel hamdi) in a globalising world. Using local materials, craftsmanship and skills is something we value in our view of an ethically process in which the whole life cycle of a building or object is strategised from an ecological and sustainable perspective. We value the potential of the architectural process as a trigger and contributor to positive social change and we work closely with clients, communities and end-users throughout all stages of the design and construction process. We also find it important to create good collaboration with craftsmen, engineers and other industry experts to develop designs holistically so that structural logic, environmental performance and detailed design complements the essence of the space.

Our work-place is located on the Tutturen family farm 70 km south-west of Oslo. The heart of the studio is our workshop, which is equipped with tools and materials and is envisioned as a space to explore materials and processes of making with your body as well as your head. We explore design intuitively, experimentally and rationally where we engaging with a range of scales, mediums and materials to test, develop and refine creative and pragmatic design solutions. Clients can visualise and engage with the design with the development of their projects through models, 1:1 details and on-site mock-ups, we produce furniture, interiors and pre-fabricated building elements in the workshop. drawing.


Ivar Tutturen | Partner/ Sivilarkitekt MNAL

Ivar co-founded VERK arkitektur upon returning to Norway after five years living and working abroad. He undertook a number of self-initiated design and build projects as part of his studies and graduated with a Masters in Architecture from NTNU in 2014. In 2010, together with two fellow students at NTNU, he initiated the design and construction of a study centre for street children in Tacloban, the Phillipines. In 2012 he worked as a Project Architect for Studio Mumbai Architects in Alibag, India where he worked closely with carpenters to design a communal water tank. In 2012 Ivar co-founded WORKSHOP architecture a practice which collaborated with local communities and partners, using the design and construction process as a tool for positive social change. With WSa, Ivar realised a craft pavilion in Dehradun, a school in Hariharpur and exhibitions at the British Council in Delhi, the Architectural Assosciation in London and the 2015 Shenzhen Biennale. Between 2013-2015 he worked for Haworth Tompkins Architects in London on theatre, school, housing and restoration projects.

Heather McVicar | Partner/ MArch RIBA

Heather co-founded VERK arkitektur upon moving to Norway after completing her Masters in Architecture at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. She undertook her Bachelor in Architecture at the University of Bath with an Erasmus exchange at KTH Stockholm. In 2011 she worked at Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue | EMBT in Barcelona on an exhibition, museum and university campus. In 2012 she worked at Studio Mumbai Architects in Alibag on the ‘Praxis’ exhibition at the Toto Gallery Ma, Studio Mumbai’s Moleskine Monologue and the design of a pavilion. In 2013, she worked at Rick Mather Architects in London on the development of a masterplan for six villages.