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Verk Arkitektur is a Norwegian-British architecture, art and design studio based on a farm outside Oslo. This location gives an opportunity for large scale explorations and in-house workshop facilities as well as an influential co-existence with the cycle of organic farming, nature and place.

We believe that our surroundings deeply influence us and that architecture, art and design can greatly enrich the quality of people’s lives. Our ambition is to create functional, modest and beautifully-crafted buildings and objects which engage people’s emotions, senses and minds. All projects aim to be distinct in identity and rich in character whilst embracing existing conditions that enable them to enter into a meaningful dialogue with their surroundings. In this way we hope to create works of lasting value which will evolve together with people and place, enriched by the process of how forms, meanings and materials change through time, use and the seasons.

The word 'verk' is a Norwegian word which can be translated into English as a 'work' -  a finished piece; the process of 'working' - the creative experience; and a place of 'work' - specifically, a site of production. We chose the Norwegian name Verk Arkitektur because, although international in our outlook and experience, we are a Norwegian based practice interested in locality and committed to delivering quality architectural objects and using the potential of the architectural process. The facilitator to all these aims is our work-place.

We enjoy being engaged in a varied range of project types and scales and view this diversity as essential to challenging and enriching our practice. Current projects include small buildings, refurbishments, interiors, installations, workshops, research papers and bespoke furniture.