Architectural Association, London, 15th November – 14th December 2013.

'Not What, But How' was an exhibition about WORKSHOP architecture exploring the collective's working process, applied during projects carried out in partnership with local organizations and communities in the Philippines and India between 2010-2013. An emphasis was placed not only on final outcomes, but also on the way in which each project was conceived, funded, designed and executed; it wasn’t only about what was made, but how each building came into being. A team of volunteers were invited to collaborate on a structure that tested designs for an upcoming project in the Philippines. The ‘inhabitable shelf’ explored the concept of a thick wall that can be used for both storage and human occupation. Made out of salvaged timber, which was dismantled and re-used after the exhibition, it promoted the frugal use of resources and the idea that “Ideas should travel more, materials less.”

Please see WORKSHOP architecture's 'Not What But How' exhibition for full details of the project.

type: workshop + exhibition
status: complete


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