Oslo, 2016. 

‘Moiré’ is a series of light sculptures which dancers can reposition and interact with on stage. The sculptures are designed to relate to the human body through their proportions and flexibility. This enables them to function as human characters during a performance. Each light sculpture comprises of six tube lights, positioned in parallel with gaps between each adjacent tube and staggered in height. The timber structure supporting the panel of lights is constructed of parallel sections of black painted timber, which are repeated to achieve sufficient structural depth. Flexibility is achieved through the use of lockable pivot joints and wheels. The lighting panel is dismountable and the stands are stackable to facilitate ease of transport and storage. 

We were invited to collaborate on this exploration by light designers Evelina Dembacke and Tilo Hahn who developed an overall visual concept of taut, lax and overlapping black and white lines. 

type: scenography
photography: evelina dembacke + verk arkitektur
status: complete


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