Oslo, 2016 - 2017.

'Hyttedrømmer og Drømmerhytter' is a series of workshops with young children in Oslo aiding them to explore their imagination through designing and building their «dream huts» in the city. After the workshops are over the «dream huts» will remain in the city. As strange, half-hidden, half-visible, child-like and naive constructions, the installations aim to entice commuters, visitors and passers-by to take a moment out of their planned daily routine.... to explore them... 

"Imagine that you are walking in the city, suddenly you see something strange, something colourful, something that does not fit. You move towards it and begin to think of the huts and play-spaces you built when you were a child, you get a little curious, you see a sign that says welcome and you look around a bit before you enter. Inside you begin to forget the surrounding city and you glide slowly but surely into a different reality, a reality you recognise from when you were a child. Your breath starts to relax and you notice a pair of earphones and a button that says play, you press the button and hear children's voices. Eventually, you manage to make out three different voices speaking together, with one another, not to you. You only hear, a bit like an eavesdropper, you close your eyes and envision the children. They talk about serious things, fun things, a little about their secrets .. You are affected, perhaps a little shocked by what they say... You may leave their hut as a slightly different person ... "

We have been invited to collaborate on this project by actor Dagfinn Tutturen. As architects we are helping the children to physically build their «dream huts» whilst Dagfinn as an actor is audio recording their stories and conversations. The first phase of the pre-project took place in April 2016 at Møllergate Skole, Oslo. Over three consecutive afternoons we held three workshops with the children; a drawing workshop, a model making workshop and a building mock-ups workshop. We will continue the second phase of the pre-project in September 2016 with the same children when we will build their «dream huts» in public spaces near to the school. The main citywide project is scheduled for Spring/Summer 2017. 

type: workshop + installation
status: ongoing
client: funded by norsk kulturråd



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