Nittedal, currently on-site.

A new garden shed, greenhouse and external landscaping built in relation to a mountainous back garden terrain for a young Norwegian family.  A single-storey building was split into two spaces with different degrees of transparency to accommodate two different programmatic requirements; an opaque shed at the back for storage and a transparent greenhouse at the front for growing plants. The opaque room is designed to maximise its storage capabilities with open storage covering all its wall surfaces including the back face of the entrance doors. In the glazed greenhouse additional enclosed storage solutions are provided in the form of boxes.  Deep window frames accommodate seedlings in the spring and flowers throughout the summer. Both shed and greenhouse receive overhead daylight through a transparent glass roof which oversails the length of the garden pavilion.

The building nestles into the mountainside at the site’s northernmost edge where the steep rocky terrain meanders west. This retains the best views from the garden out to the mountainside in the north and the valley in the east. The transition between the rocky terrain and the existing terrace is mediated through the insertion of a curving flower bed. The width of the existing patio is shortened allowing the only grass lawn on the plot to extend up and round into the back garden.

The new construction is reversible and its footprint lightweight. The main structure is a timber frame made out of core wood of Norwegian pine with bespoke steel connections. The detailing and construction was kept simple and the building is being fabricated in collaboration with the father of the family during his paternity leave. 

type: building
time scale: 2016
status: ongoing
client: private


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