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Verk Arkitektur is located on the Tutturen farm in Eidsberg, 70 km south-west of Oslo. The farm has a lot of land and un-used buildings, which gives us the base infrastructure and space to develop a design and making studio where we can focus on hands-on design processes and design development can be followed from sketch to large-scale building elements. It also provides us with calm surroundings to focus on our research work. In-house workshop facilities are the core of our studio and are in the process of being located in farm buildings, which we are refurbishing. We aim to create a place that can also function for an extended network of craftsmen, architects, artist and other collaborators and we hope to create an engaging live-work environment with possibilities for short-term residencies and participatory workshops.

The rural location also enables the studio to have a direct relationship to the land, materials, nature and the seasons. This is influential to our way of life and allows us to develop a first-hand understanding of the life cycles of materials that can be harvested from the fields and forest. As the 8th generation to live and work on the farm, the presence of history here is very tangible and gives input to our urge to understand why buildings, tools and objects are shaped as they are.

The studio will co-exist alongside the running of an organic farm. We aim to see the development of agriculture on the farm inspired by the model of community-supported agriculture where the farm is opened up as a cooperative and people who are interested can come and take part in growing their own vegetables, following the seasons and getting a fun, intimate and informed relationship to what they eat. The creation of a community around organic farming as well as artistic explorations and the running of the architectural studio is important to us and we believe that these different pursuits, through their shared values, can mutually benefit and inform each other.

This page will act as a blog where we will upload posts on how the farm is developing; the events taking place, the facilities available and the community shaping it.