Oslo, 2016.

'Elemental’ is a modular wardrobe system comprising of 11 different storage units which each accommodate a particular storage requirement. By distilling the different functional requirements of a wardrobe (shoes, underwear, sock, trousers, t-shirts, jumpers, suits, dresses, shirts or flexible open storage/ display) into individual elements, this system allows the owner to create a multitude of different spatial configurations. It also facilitates the easy transportation of a volume of storage equivalent to many built-in wardrobe systems. 

The detailing of the elements explores the two main material characteristics of the plywood; the cut edge (revealing the layered build-up of each sheet), and the organic directional grain of the pine. The cut edge of the plywood is only exposed on the front and back elevation of the box to accentuate the box as a frame and the individuality of each unit. The grain of the pine has been rotated 90 degrees on each adjacent face. The different side faces meet each other with a mitre joint so that their two different directions of the grains meet and contrast. The sectional build-up of the plywood exposed along its cut edge runs continuous around the mitred front frame. The box and its mitred joints are stabilised by a hidden joint system of biscuits and twisting in the box is reduced by the back panel being routed into the sides panels. On the front elevation the doors and fronts of the drawers sit flush with the front of the box. Handles are routed into the front panel on the sides of doors and the tops of drawers. The overlap of the frame is visible through these openings. 

type: furniture
time scale: 2015
status: under construction
client: private


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