British Council, Delhi, 11th February – 1st March 2013

Building Community was an exhibition about WORKSHOP architecture, held in partnership with the British Council in Delhi, that showcased recent and upcoming projects. The exhibition focused on the processes behind the work, rather than simply the final outcomes. Rough sketches, material samples, structural tests and on-site footage conveyed the reality of working ‘in the field’ with the local community.

In advance of the exhibition, an AA Visiting School was held, with nine international participants. Over a period of ten days the team designed and built a series of material tests and 1:1 mock-ups for the upcoming project in Uttar Pradesh. These mock-ups were then installed in the gallery as part of the exhibition. The process was ‘live’ – on the site and in the public realm – from start to finish.  On the final day of the Visiting School the team hosted an event at UnBox Festival – sharing and discussing their work with a wider audience.

Please see WORKSHOP architecture's 'Building Community' exhibition for full details of the project.

type: workshop + exhibition
status: complete


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